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Verizon Revises Rate Plans To Respond To Competition

Bedminster, N.J. – Verizon Wireless is responding to recent aggressive pricing moves by rivals AT&T and T-Mobile.

The carrier launched More Everything plans to add more data, more Cloud storage, and unlimited international messaging to the carrier’s unlimited talk and messaging plans with shared data.

Starting today, existing Share Everything subscribers will be moved automatically to More Everything plans, which will also be available to all new customers, including small-business customers

The carrier also said it is offering more LTE spectrum to subscribers. “Verizon Wireless continues to double and, in some markets, triple capacity with the deployment of AWS spectrum,” the carrier said. Droid smartphones and several Samsung handsets are already equipped to access the AWS spectrum.

Under More Everything, select plans get their data cap doubled at no extra cost. For $40/month, consumers get 1GB of shared data instead of 500MB. The $50 plan offers 2GB instead of 1GB, and the $60 plan offers 3GB of data instead of 2GB. The data charges are on top of a $40/month charge for unlimited voice and messaging for smartphones and $30/month for feature phones.

In other changes, More Everything customers who choose the Verizon Edge trade-up program are eligible for $10 off monthly smartphone data plans up to 8GB and $20 off for plans of 10GB and up.

All More Everything users also get unlimited international messaging to join their unlimited domestic text, picture and video messaging. And each More Everything line can use up to 25GB (or up to 250GB on a 10-line account) of Cloud storage from Verizon Wireless.

In other changes, Verizon is offering More Everything users two services for free for the first three months. Both cost $5/month after that. The services include Family Base parental controls and access to international long-distance with rates as low as 1 cent per minute to Canada and Mexico and 5 cents per minute to many other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.