Verizon iPhone To Get Walmart, Unlimited Data

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New York - More details are emerging about the launch of Verizon's iPhone, with mass-market retailer Walmart confirming that it will offer the device in select stores on the same day that the device goes on sale in Apple and Verizon online and brick-and-mortar stores on Feb. 10.

  Best Buy declined to confirm whether it would offer the 3G device on Feb. 10 or at all, but some Internet reports contend the chain will pass on the Verizon iPhone because it already offers the AT&T iPhone. Walmart, which also offers the AT&T iPhone, didn't comment on the number of Walmart stores that would sell the Verizon version at launch.

When Verizon


its iPhone intentions on Jan. 11, Verizon Wireless president/CEO Dan Mead said "certain of our key distribution partners" would get the iPhone "in a matter of weeks" after Feb. 10.

In a related development, a Verizon spokesperson confirmed that the carrier will offer a $29.99 unlimited-data plan for its iPhone at launch but didn't disclose whether any capped data plans would also be available for use with the device. For its version of the iPhone, carrier AT&T offers a $14.99/month 200MB data plan and a 2GB $24.99 plan for new purchasers and a grandfathered $29.99/month unlimited-data plan for previous users.

During his Jan. 11 remarks, Verizon's Mead said Verizon was prepared to handle the data traffic that the iPhone will generate, having "built margin into our capacity throughout the country."


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