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Verizon Expands Text Messaging To PCs, Wi-Fi Tablets

 Basking Ridge, N.J. – Verizon Wireless subscribers can now use any Wi-Fi-equipped Apple or Android tablet or networked PC to initiate and receive text and multimedia messages over the Verizon network, the carrier announced.

  Verizon becomes the first U.S. carrier to over such an integrated messaging service, a spokesman told TWICE.

 Compared to similar over-the-top services offered by third parties, Verizon’s Integrated Messaging service is built into the Verizon network, delivering messages much faster because the phone is not simply forwarding messages that it receives, the spokesman said. With a network-based service, he added, users don’t have to have their cellphone on to send or receive messages.

 To use the service on PCs, consumers open up their web browser and sign in. The Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Explorer browsers are compatible with the service. To use the service from Apple and Android tablets, users download and run an app.

 The service is not limited to messaging with other Verizon subscribers but can be used to message with cellphone activated on other carriers’ networks, the spokesman noted. Some over-the-top applications such as Apple’s iMessage limit messaging to owners of Apple devices and Apple computers.

Up to 90 days of messages are synced between all devices and the web. Messages can also be stored indefinitely on an SD card.