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Verbatim First To Launch 4x DVD+R Write-Once Media

Blank media maker Verbatim, which earlier said it was the first to unveil 4x-speed DVD+R write-once media, said it also is the first media manufacturer to offer DVD+R that supports 1x, 2.4x and 4x write speeds.

The 4x DataLifePlus 4.7GB DVD+R media discs, at 44 megabits per second, or about 36x CD-R performance, are said to be able to cut recording time to 15 minutes. Verbatim, which has provided its new media to major drive manufacturers, will coordinate media shipping with the arrival of the first drives that support it. Drives are expected to be available this month.

Verbatim said consumers who use the 4x write speed can save a tremendous amount of time because they will be cutting their recording time substantially. Users also will benefit from the broad compatibility of the DVD+R format. Data and video recorded to the DVD+R discs can be read by the majority of DVD set-top players and PC drives in use today, the company said.

Broad compatibility, low storage cost and high-speed recording make the discs ideal for sharing computer data, home videos, photos and music, said Verbatim. Increased sales of recordable drives is upping demand for DVD media, with one industry forecast showing the 50-million-disc total in 2002 will grow to nearly 150 million in 2004.