Venture Systems, D&H To Launch PC For Seniors

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Chalfont, Pa. - Venture 3 Systems, a manufacturer of Telikin computers, today announced a partnership with D&H Distributing to sell its new personal AIO Touch computer aimed at seniors.

The computer features built-in software for all popular functions targeted at home users and senior users, the company said.

In a recent report, the

Consumer Electronics Association

(CEA) confirms that overall growth of the CE industry increased 6 percent in 2010 and is expected to hit $186B in 2011. A major component of this prediction is the growing market of home technologies, including exciting products for seniors.

The Census Bureau reports there are more than 46.5 million consumers older than 60, and the baby boomer generation, those now 44 to 62 years of age, constitute approximately 25 percent (76 million) of the total US population. By the year 2012, people age 50 and older in the United States will number 100 million people. Pew Research Center acknowledges that the Internet remains the domain of users younger than 32, but older populations are gaining ground, based on the study that compared user trends in 2005 and 2008.

"Telikin is exactly what consumers need if looking for a simple, yet fully functional computer that allows them to enjoy the top functionality of PCs including video chat, photo sharing, email, word processing and social media, minus the viruses, pop-ups and complex applications," said Merle Eakins, sales and marketing senior VP. "Telikin is the first personal Linux computer built from the ground up with an integrated set of applications makes the end-user experience truly effortless."

"Telikin has identified a unique niche in the personal computer space, creating a specialized offering that we're happy to present to our customer community," said Rob Eby, purchasing VP at D&H Distributing.  "Studies confirm that the baby boomer market is maturing not just in years but in the amount of wealth they have accumulated, which makes them an attractive target for technology purchases. Telikin's PC is purpose-built for that buyer, giving them the capabilities they want for their everyday lives."


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