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Venmill Debuts ‘Skip Away’ Cleaning Unit

Venmill Industries is unveiling Skip Away, a disc-restoration system for CDs, DVDs, video games and information storage in South Hall 2, booth 26351.

The Skip Away disc repair and cleaner is a user-friendly technology that cleans and fixes scratched, dirty and damaged discs without sprays or waxes. In less than 30 seconds, the Skip-Away cleans or repairs DVDs, audio CDs, video game discs and HD DVD, the company said.

Skip-Away is for consumers who have put time and money in their home theaters and allows users to maintain their collections of discs and enhances the overall audio/visual experience without skipping discs and blurry screens.

“Especially now, when video is moving to the next level of disc format (HD and Blu-ray), it is essential that consumers have a system like Skip Away to maintain their collections,” the company said. Shipment date and suggested retail pricing will be available at the show.