Velodyne Brings Room Correction To Lower Priced Active Subwoofers

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Indianapolis - Velodyne reduced its opening price point on active subwoofers with room-correction technology to $479 with the launch here of four models in the EQ-MAX series.

The series consists of 8-, 10-, 12- and 15-inch models at respective retail prices of $479, $579, $679, and $979. All come with remote control of subwoofer functions, including room correction.

To use the subs' five-band DSP-based room-correction technology, users place a subwoofer in its intended location, place the included microphone in the desired listening location, and push the remote control's EQ button, the company said.

In addition to controlling the EQ function, the subs' remote lets users adjust phase, switch among presets, set the sub to "night mode" to limit output, illuminate the sub's front display, and mute the subwoofer.

The subs are powered by Class D amps with switching-mode power supply. They also feature extended-excursion drivers with vented pole-pieces to increase power handling and deliver long-term reliability, the company said. Velodyne's digital distortion limiting system enables the subwoofers to achieve maximum output without a risk of overdriving, thus yielding deeper bass extension and less distortion, the company added. Downfiring ports are designed to reduce audible port noise.

In 2008, the company launched an active-subwoofer line with room correction with the same driver sizes at price points of $599, $699, $799, and $1,099.


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