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Vegetarians Rejoice, There Are Many Options

Las Vegas is truly the land of overindulgence,
and unfortunately for vegetarians, many of the
meal specials involve artery packing prime rib
and steak. But vegetarians fret not, because there
are an ample amount of vegetarian restaurants in
Las Vegas where you can steer clear of meat-based
dishes. If the Las Vegas vegetarian restaurants aren’t
what your meat-eating friends have in mind, you will
find that most restaurants in Las Vegas offer vegetarian
options, so everyone in your group can be happy.


is a sandwich chain that has numerous
locations spread around Las Vegas. While not
one of the exclusively vegetarian restaurants in Las
Vegas, this is a place the whole group can enjoy.
Capriotti’s is consistently listed among the best restaurants
in Las Vegas, due mostly in part to its savory
sandwiches and its low prices. The eggplant
parmesan is a good vegetarian option for starters,
and the menu features 5 vegetarian sandwiches that
should inspire a return trip.

If you enjoy Greek food, there are plenty of vegetarian
dishes that you can enjoy at the

Market Grille

. Located in the Centennial Center shopping
plaza, you can choose from an array of salads, and
the spanakopita is a nice prelude to a vegetable
kabob off the grill. For dessert, you can indulge in
cheesecake, baklava or rice pudding. The friendly
atmosphere here and the good prices help to make
this a favorite lunch and dinner spot.


Go Raw Café

has two of the more notable
Las Vegas vegetarian restaurants, one at 2381 East
Windmill, and the other a bit farther out at 2910 Lake
East Drive. Here, no animal products make their way
into the dishes. It’s all about raw, organic foods that
are high on nutrition and big on taste. Menu items
include meatless burgers, salads, guacamole quesadillas
and the tempting Aztec quiche. Moderately
priced, the Go Raw Café is a wonderful choice for
those seeking out quality vegetarian restaurants in
Las Vegas.

Sweet Tomatoes

is another great choice for
those seeking vegetarian restaurants in Las Vegas,
or vegetarian-friendly locations. A fresh-food chain
that originated in San Diego, Sweet Tomatoes features
a list of vegetarian and vegan meal choices,
from tossed salads and pasta to soups and muffins.
While a bit pricy, the all you can eat advantage to
Sweet Tomatoes means you can go back for seconds
once you’ve found your favorite dish. If you
are with kids, they will likely want to take advantage
of the soft-serve frozen yogurt. For a taste of India,

Tamba Indian Cuisine and Lounge

is a good
option for those having trouble locating strictly Las
Vegas vegetarian restaurants on the Vegas Strip.
Vegetarians looking for good food late in the evening
can appreciate the large variety of vegetarian food
offered here until 11:30 p.m. The sleek Indian decor
of this place makes it a hip place to relax and enjoy
good food and conversation. You can try the lunch
buffet between 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and the dinner
service starts at 6:00 p.m.

A favorite spot for those seeking Las Vegas vegetarian
restaurants is the

Long Life Vegetarian Restaurant

found at 4130 S Sandhill Rd Ste A4. The
“chicken” dishes here are particularly memorable, and
the quality of the food overall will have you likely revisiting
this place before your Las Vegas vacation is over.


Long Life

restaurant offers budget-friendly
lunch specials, and while it can get crowded, the
friendly service helps to make any wait more than
bearable. Finally, if you are looking for great vegetarian
dishes at a wonderful price, you will find it hard to
beat the options at

Mr. Luckys 24/7

, located inside
the Hard Rock Hotel. Popular with the young and the
hip, this family-friendly establishment makes many a
list for best restaurants in Las Vegas.

Also keep in mind that there are many great Italian
restaurants in Las Vegas where you can enjoy fresh
bread, pastas and salads.