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VEFXi Demos 2DTo- 3D Converters

INDIANAPOLIS – One of the more dramatic demos on the floor of CEDIA Expo came from the VEFXi booth, where the company presented a series of 2D-to-3D 3D-Bee converter boxes for both home and commercial applications designed to enhance the “pop-out-ofthe- screen” impact of the 3DTV experience.

The North Plains, Ore.-based company’s boxes come in two basic configurations – those designed for 2D-to-3D conversions of content displayed on 3D glasses-based displays (both passive and active shutter) and those designed for conversions on glassesfree “auto-stereoscopic” 3D displays.

In both cases, the 3D-Bee devices offered an adjustable depth of field of the 3D effect that makes images appear to pop out of the screen to greater extremes than 3D technology typical built into the display.

VEFXi CEO president Craig Peterson positioned the 3D-Bee products as add-ons to a typical home-theater sale.

In total, the company’s lineup includes five products: the 3D-Bee Ultimate (glasses-free) Home, Platinum ($499 suggested retail), Diamond ($699 suggested retail) and professional editions.

During CEDIA, VEFXi offered installers the chance to jump into the glasses-free 3D game by selling packages of commercial 3D systems using VEFXi 2D-to-3D converters along with a 55-inch lenticular LCD panel from a third party manufacturer for $5,500. A second screen would sell for $4,500 on top of that. The glasses-free 3DBee Ultimate converter generally sells through commercial resellers for around $2,500, alone, he said.