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Vantage Readies New In-Wall Touchscreens For Expo

Orem, Utah — Vantage Controls will go to the CEDIA Expo with its new Equinox series of LCD touchscreens, which combine control of lighting, entertainment and comfort systems from one control device and eliminates “wall acne” in the luxury market, the company said. An Equinox app for tablets will also be new.

 The single-and double-gang in-wall LCD touchscreens provides “a level of precise control unachievable with mobile devices,” said marketing VP Andrew Wale. The user interface is said to simplify control, and that, plus a new widget platform, make programming easier and faster than before, he said.

The most basic single-gang $500 Equinox4 ships in September, followed by the $1,500 7-UX in December and single-gang $1,000 4-UX in the second quarter of 2013. They connect to the company’s Infusion control system, which integrates multiple home systems and is targeted to new construction and remodeling jobs.

The Equinox4 features three swipable pages to control the room’s music playback from a central multi-room-audio system, control of the room’s lighting system, and climate control, plus control of three to five multiple-subsystem scenes in the room. It also provides a weather feed.

 The Equinox4-UX delivers a higher level home-system control in one room, including multizone-video control, security controls, security-camera video, and energy management. Weather is available for multiple cities.
 The Equinox 7-UX delivers control over systems throughout the house, adds home-theater control, and displays three widgets, or control pages, simultaneously.

 The UX app provides the same control and display of three widgets simultaneously.