Value Electronics Plans 8th TV Shootout


Scarsdale, N.Y. - Audio/Video specialty dealer

Value Electronics

will host its 8th annual Flat Panel HDTV shoot-out May 19-20 at its 108 Garth Rd. showroom, here.

This year's competitive challenge will feature flagship products from major manufacturers, including Panasonic, Sharp Elite, Samsung, LG, Toshiba and Sony.

Each panel will be on display on a shoot-out wall. At the end of the event, one manufacturer will be determined "the King of HDTV" by the retailer, a selected panel of expert judges and members of its clientele, based on careful comparison and evaluation.

Noted Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) member/instructor and published product reviewer Kevin Miller will preside as the master calibrator and keynote speaker of the event.

Miller will be accompanied by United Kingdom-based product reviewer David Mackenzie.

 "By bringing in David Mackenzie to our venue we broaden our reach to include A/V enthusiasts throughout Eastern and Western Europe," said Robert Zohn, of Value Electronics. "We're proud to have David join our team of four top expert calibrators to assist Kevin with the calibrations and have key presentation contributions." 

Other participants at the event will include Joel Silver, ISF president, and a slate of "VIP special guests" from the fields of plasma display, LED/LCD and OLED technology engineering.

The event will have a live audience selected from the motion picture and TV broadcast industries as well as serious A/V enthusiasts and members of the press.

Value Electronics will also broadcast the event live in HD on its

YouTube page.


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