Value Electronics To Hold Flat Panel Shoot-Out


Scarsdale, N.Y. -

, an independent flat-panel retailer, will hold its annual Flat Panel Shoot-Out Sept. 11-12, here, to evaluate TVs from five top manufacturers.

The retailer has contracted with a charter member of the Image Science Foundation (ISF) and other video engineers to evaluate various aspects of the newest flagship flat-panel HDTVs from five leading manufacturers on Saturday, Sept. 11, at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday, Sept. 12, at 3:00 p.m. 

ISF uses the only accredited calibration standards set by the consumer electronics industry and Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, the retailer said.

The televisions featured are all 240Hz 55-inch high-end LEDs and 58-inch plasmas. This event will be IP-cast live and available at its website for future viewing.

"The program will demonstrate how flat-screen HDTVs perform as they come out of the box in their standard mode, and then again when they are professionally calibrated to ISF standards. It's the first time such an independent test of state-of-the-art HD panels will be performed simultaneously on all leading brands," according to Robert Zohn, founder and president of Value Electronics.

Zohn said since the TVs tested are all 3D capable, there will also be a 3D demonstration, including a model from an unnamed manufacturer that has not shipped the unit as yet. TVs being tested are from Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba and LG.

Zohn said


is launching the world's first Universal 3D active-shutter glasses "which will work with all 3D HDTVs."

He added, "We're launching the world's first Universal 3D glasses so the audience can scan across the shoot-out wall to compare every 3D TV to determine which panel has the best 3D performance.   These glasses will work with all 3D HDTVs." 

The entire program includes Kevin Miller of ISFTV and TweakTV along with expert calibrators D-Nice and Ed Johnson, who will be calibrating the flat panels and providing their findings and other key background information in the presentation. National trainers and product specialists from the manufacturers have been invited to present on their products as well, the retailer said.

Evaluation of color accuracy, contrast ratio, peak brightness and black level as well as energy efficiency will be measured and discussed. All panels will be concurrently fed through a professional HDMI distribution amp from the same Blu-ray player using the exact same HDMI cables for all panels.  Furthermore, the power will be a dedicated 15-amp circuit run through a power conditioner. 

The public and media can register online to attend at



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