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USB-C Transition Means Product Compliance is More Important Than Ever

The Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA)™ member companies are the architects and engineers of tomorrow, some of whom are developing the next platform of USB connectivity. USB-C will create the new super highway of connectivity, data transfer and power management. The innovative approach and vision created a platform that offers diversity and flexibility, from power management to data speed and flow perspective.

USB-C will serve as a universal connectivity platform for today’s consumer technology products, but more importantly for the innovations of tomorrow. Its brilliance is baked into its substance. For example, USB-C cables have the flexibility to perform – from five to 20 volts, five to 60 watts – and the ability to transfer much larger amounts of data than current USB cables at much greater speed. Imagine: all of this in a single, reversible connector and cable.

In the consumer tech community, we see this as the universal connectivity platform for the foreseeable future. CTA and its Accessories Division want to ensure industry understands USB-C’s diversity, flexibility and overall depth. CTA’s Accessories Division is creating a simplified, focused and more detailed message to share with industry and help facilitate adoption.

As more devices that deploy the USB-C standards come to market, it is crucial to ensure retail buyers and consumers understand the importance of USB-IF certification and approval of new products. It is incumbent upon retailers and manufacturers to clearly demonstrate their products meet USB-IF specifications using USBIF’s established protocol. But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what CTA’s Accessories Division members say about the importance of better industry alignment and consumer awareness:

“It is important that everyone understands the connectors and cables meet the specs and include the proper components to ensure performance and safety are manufactured properly. This will ensure USB-C safely performs across the many devices and products. USBIF has developed testing and procedures standards for meeting their specifications and standards. Products that meet and pass these standards will receive USB-IF approval for the product, similar to what Underwriters Laboratories (UL) does for 120 and 240 volt electrical products,” said John Bosch, president and CEO, Grand Destiny Group.

“As leaders in the industry, it is our obligation as the Accessories Division to partner with other stakeholders to educate them about the USB-C transition, and why consumers will want – and need – the right USB-C certified devices to enhance their technology experience. USB-C is an amazing opportunity to improve the experience for all things power and data,” said Deena Ghazarian, Senior Partner, TargetPath.

CTA is working with its membership – especially its Accessories Division members – to lead communication and education efforts on this key evolution of tech hardware. For more information on how to get involved, please reach out to me at [email protected].

Gregory Morrison, Manager, Member Programs, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™