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URC Ups Presence In Lighting Control

DENVER — New home-automation solutions from URC include the Vivido series of two-way lighting solutions and a series of ZigBee LED light bulbs controllable from URC’s Total Control and cc- GEN2 home-automation systems.

The LED light bulbs, which are the company’s first wireless light bulbs, consist of an A19 standard lamp bulb and the BR30 high-hat bulb, which connect via wireless ZigBee to a TRF-GT1 ZigBee controller.

When installed as part of a Total Control or ccGEN2 installation, the lights can be dimmed, user-adjustable lighting scenes can be created, and status feedback is available on a smartphone, tablet or any URC interface.

Bulbs can be grouped so that up to four of them can be dimmed or sent on/off commands as if they were a single bulb.

The ccGEN2 is a two-way, IP-based home-control system, as is the Total Control system.

Also for both systems, the new Vivido Series of two-way wireless Z-Wave lighting products is launching with two-way capability to provide feedback. It replaces a one-way system and adds multiple new capabilities, including ability to control and dim LED, compact fluorescent, incandescent and MLV bulbs. The previous solution wasn’t compatible with LED or compact fluorescent lights.

The new solution is also a whole-house solution, not a single-room solution as was its predecessor, when integrated with a URC Total Control or ccGEN2 home-automation system.

Vivido includes master and accessory light dimmers, switches, a lamp-dimming module, an appliance- switching module and more.

All Vivido products are controlled from Total Control or ccGEN2 interfaces. All can be controlled from off-premises via the new URC Mobile iOS and Android app.

With a battery powered, stick-on-the-wall dimmer, the line is ideal for retrofits, the company said.