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Unwired Technology Will Debut Pilot Override Bluetooth System

Unwired Technology has developed a new system for wireless headphones that allows parents to interrupt their children’s video programming and speak to their children through their headphones.

In addition, Unwired said it has been appointed a Tier One supplier to an unidentified European auto maker for whom it will begin supplying mobile entertainment wireless headphones for the 2007 model year.

Unwired’s new Pilot Override system is a Bluetooth headset microphone (similar to those used for cellphones) that works in conjunction with a wireless transmitter to allow users to interrupt the audio signal on headphones in the rear seat. Parents can now announce to children, “We’re passing the Grand Canyon,” said Unwired’s president Larry Richenstein, explaining “with the advent of rear-seat entertainment, where children listen to video programs through headphones, it has become difficult for the parent in the front seat to communicate with the kids.”

The Pilot Override will ship this spring at $229.

Unwired also announced it is supplying headphones to Audiovox and that it will launch its Unwired WhiteFire headphones this year. WhiteFire allows headphones to deliver up to four stereo audio channels at once so kids have a choice of four sources, said the company.