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Unveils BlackBerry Skins

Modesto, Calif. — Xpal Power has
rolled out models of its battery-boosting, shock-absorbing PowerSkin skins for
the BlackBerry Bold and Curve series of smartphones.

In addition the company is offering
a $10 discount and free shipping within the continental U.S. for all pre-orders
placed through the end of July.

The BlackBerry Bold PowerSkin,
compatible with model 9700 (available from AT&T and T-Mobile) and model
9780 (T-Mobile only), reportedly provides up to 230 minutes of extra talktime.

The BlackBerry Curve PowerSkin,
compatible with model 8530 (Sprint and Verizon) and model 8520 (T-Mobile and
AT&T), provides up to 225 minutes of extra talktime.

Both the Bold and Curve skins boast
1,150 mAh of battery capacity and feature an optically engineered camera lens
window that eliminates any flash glare from the skin’s surface, the company

The new PowerSkins will be available
at the end of July for $59.99 on

. Pre-orders can be placed
on the site now to receive the $10 discount.

“BlackBerrys are among the most
heavily used phones, with the BlackBerry Curve trailing as the second top
mobile behind the iPhone,” said David Becker, Vice President of sales and
marketing VP at PowerSkin/Xpal Power. “We’re expecting the new BlackBerry
skins to have a major impact within the professional community.”