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Universal Remotes Revenue Topped $1B In U.S. In ’06

Dallas — Revenue in the United States from the sale of after-market universal remote controls will increase from approximately $1 billion in 2006, to $1.9 billion in 2012, according to Aftermarket Entertainment: Universal Remote Controllers, a new report from Parks Associates.

The report identifies several market trends driving this growth, including more content options from more devices, greater household investment in entertainment systems and technologies, and a continuing consumer desire for ease of use across multiple products within entertainment and computing systems.

“U.S. households are now spending more on their entertainment equipment as well as on content options than in the past,” said Tricia Parks, Parks Associates CEO. “Therefore, spending hundreds of dollars on a universal remote that allows easier use and management of their home theater systems makes sense to them now. There is a middle market for advanced universal remotes now emerging that will continue to see growth for at least the next five years.”

According to Parks, a basic universal remote controller is now in 75 percent of U.S. homes, while mid- and high-level universal remotes, currently in less than 15 percent of U.S. homes, are causing the current market excitement. The convergence of entertainment and computing has increased the complexity of home systems and created an increasing need for devices capable of streamlining content choice control. As a result of this growing demand for more capable entertainment remote controllers, the number of viable players in the market is also on the rise.

“Competition is increasing,” Parks said. “With Logitech firmly in the market, Philips and UEI offering innovations within their remotes, and the elegant offerings of players such as RTI, Crestron and AMX, consumers have lots of good choices. Now the manufacturers need to differentiate and explain their benefits to build brand. To do this, many will use their controllers to enter categories beyond entertainment such as lighting and energy.”

The report includes forecasts for U.S. units and revenues through 2012. The report also provides thorough profiles of key players within the marketplace. For more information, visit, call Parks Associates at (972) 490-1113 or e-mail