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‘Universal HD’ Launches Dec. 1

Englewood Cliffs, N.J. – NBC Universal Cable said it will relaunch its Bravo HD+ high-definition channel as Universal HD, beginning Dec. 1.

“The acquisition of Universal provided us with an opportunity to offer an even more compelling HD service,” said David Zaslav, NBC Universal Cable president. “The launch of Universal HD is a testament to our commitment to offer more meaningful content that meets the needs of our distributors and viewers.”

The channel will expand and diversify its high-definition programming lineup with properties from the Universal Studio’s large film and television library, the company said. In addition, the channel will continue to carry sports and entertainment programming from NBC’s diverse holdings.

At launch the network will be available to more than 25 million subscribers through distribution deals with DirecTV, Cablevision, Cox, Insight, Mediacom, Voom and others.

Universal HD will feature blockbuster films, unedited and uninterrupted, including “Backdraft,” “Back to the Future,” “Billy Madison,” “Far and Away,” “Jaws,” “The River Wild” and “Sea of Love.” Featured series will include SCI FI’s “Battlestar Galactica,” USA’s “The District,” “Karen Sisco,” “Law & Order: SVU” and “Monk.” Past sports broadcasts have include the US Open and the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Specific programming information and schedules will be available at a later date.