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Universal Electronics Announces URC For DTA Conversion

Cypress, Calif. — Universal Electronics announced a universal remote control designed to simplify the digital-to-analog conversion, scheduled for Feb. 17, 2009.

The Delta universal remote is slated to ship to major set-top manufacturers for deployment with a major cable operator in the fall of 2008, said the company in a release. It is billed as a universal two-device remote engineered to be preprogrammed to a digital-to-analog converter (DTA) and programmed by users to operate their televisions.

The remote includes comprehensive IR coverage for the most popular TV brands sold in North America, said Universal. It features Universal Electronics’ protocol, which the company calls “an efficient and reliable IR communication protocol with a unique code registry that avoids conflict with other devices in the home.”

“The digital transition in cable broadcasting is poised to accelerate as the mandatory cutover time nears. Many viewers need a device to keep their analog TVs from going obsolete,” said Paul Arling, chairman and chief executive officer of UEI, in a statement. “The major cable systems are all looking at DTA converters to solve this problem and they need a reliable and highly compatible remote to control the converter. Delta provides a cost effective and reliable way to address their needs.”

Pricing was not available at press time.