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Ultrasone Adds To Pro Series

Murrieta, Calif. – Ultrasone
took the wraps off the first open-backed headphones in its Pro series and said
it will offer them in two different configurations. 

The Pro 2900 will be
sold in a standard, single-cable model and a balanced, double-cable version.
The former, which has a $549 suggested retail, is geared toward pro audio and
audiophiles while the latter ($799) is meant to further reduce distortion and

 According to Ultrasone, “Balanced headphones
must be paired with a balanced amplifier — 4-channel amp with two inverted
positive channels — that instead of using a common ground, uses two wires per
side to deliver positive and negative audio signals to each side of the

The Pro 2900 headphones
have a blast design with velvet ear pads, 40mm titanium-plated drivers and a
USC-Cable. They come with the company’s S-Logic Plus technology that is mean to
reduce sound pressure on ear drums and improve tonal perception. Frequency
range is listed at 6Hz to 42,000 Hz, with an impedance of 40 ohms.

currently available. A carrying case is included.