Ultimate, Mediaclip Team On Photo Solutions

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Montreal -

Ultimate Technographics

and Mediaclip said Wednesday they have entered a partnership to offer an easy-to-use creation and production flow for photo-finishing products service providers.

Both companies will co-market an integrated services platform offering an automated system for photo products preparation, printing and finishing that is efficient, easy to use and cost-effective.

Mediaclip will contribute printable personalized product creation tools, for personal photos, business photos or branded and licensed products.

Mediaclip said system architecture will support the introduction of new trendy products while permitting connection with other technologies, including those offered by Ultimate Technographics.

Ultimate's Impostrip OnDemand Automation solution will provide an automated system that integrates easily as a back end to web-to-print systems that are focused on personalized or short-run on-demand printing, the companies said.

Combined with Mediaclip, print service providers will be able to use various imposition optimization schemes generated by Impostrip OnDemand Automation to increase the efficiency of their digital press and to simplify the finishing process, while enabling the use of large cut-sheet sizes.

"We always focus on finding new ways to help our customers achieve their goals and simplifying the production process is a great way to do that," stated Marion Duchesne, CEO, Mediaclip. "We are dedicated to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to user experience and this includes not only the creation software end-users but the providers as well. Making it easier to manage everything from the creation process to the delivery improves everyone's satisfaction."

"In digital printing, automation drives results," added Joanne David, Ultimate Technographics CEO and president, "and because we integrate nicely with Mediaclip this easy-to-use web-to-print solution for photo products and many types of publishing projects, our customers will be able to draw better profit margin on every order. This partnership allows us to intensify our mission to automate, simplify and increase the profitability of modern digital printing.''


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