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Ultimate Ears Teams With EMI For Monitors

Irvine, Calif. –
Ultimate Ears announced it is joining forces with EMI Music’s Capitol Studios
to develop new custom in-ear monitors.

The Ultimate Ears
In-Ear Reference Monitors are designed for professional producers, audio
engineers and audiophiles, the company said. They reportedly provide up to 32
dB of noise isolation and feature three individually turned, balanced armature
speakers in each monitor. Frequencies can be reproduced with an extended wide
band response from 5Hz to 18 kHz.

Paul Manfrini, product
marketing director for the professional products at Ultimate Ears, explained to
TWICE, “There are different frequency response curve for different users … This
product is the first time we’ve really gone outside the live stage.

“What happened
here is we took the amazing sound [from our musician monitors] and then created
this [frequency] curve, this flat curve … When they play it back, they know
speakers aren’t adding anything to that. That allows a really honest bass line
from which they can color all those channels themselves,” he said.

According to
Ultimate Ears, the Y joint connector was eliminated from the monitors, and a
braided cable is used to reduce tangling and friction. 

The monitors are
scheduled to be available in September for a $999 suggested retail. As with
other custom in-ear monitors, a trip to an audiologist is required; the $999
price does not include this visit. A list of qualified audiologists can be
found at the company’s website.

They come in an
opaque black faceplate and a clear back housing, with the Capitol Studios logo
on the right monitor and the Ultimate Ears logo on the left. The company also
offers the choice of personalizing them with individual artwork.

Ultimate Ears is a
product unit of Logitech.