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UHD Comes To Outdoor TVs Via SunBriteTV

SunBriteTV arrived at the Expo with its first two outdoor Ultra HD 4K TVs, one of which is the largest 4K outdoor TV announced to date at 84 inches.

The second 4K TV features 55-inch screen size.

Prototypes of the TVs are on display and will ship after the show at pricing that was unavailable.

The 84-inch TV is also the company’s largest TV, having topped out with 65-inch models that delivered 1080p resolution.

“As 4K UHD content, delivery, and storage has matured, we believe that introducing 4K UHD will significantly develop the outdoor television market,” said brand marketing VP Jonathan Johnson.

The weatherproof TVs, intended for year-round outdoor installation, feature weatherproofing technology to protect internal components from rain, snow, dust, salt corrosion, insects, and humidity. Built-in heating and cooling systems keep the TVs operating in extreme cold and hot temperatures.

The 84-inch model is the Pro series SB-8418UHD, and the 55-inch model is the SB-5574UHD in the Signature series.