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Two Firms Debut Point-Source Speakers

New York — Speaker makers Morel and Cabasse are promoting the benefits of point-source speaker design in new models that they’ve launched separately.

The companies stress the phase alignment of concentrically mounted drivers, which deliver consistent off-axis

response and minimize room-boundary effects.

With their coincident design, a spokesman said, the superiority of any Cabasse speaker over non-coincident designs can be demonstrated by sending white or pink noise through them while rotating them on their vertical axis from side to side, a spokesman said. “You will not hear the traditional mid/tweeter lobing or suckouts.” The speakers demonstrate “fidelity to original timbres and dynamic range [and] a wide, stable and full soundstage,” he added.

Morel’s solution takes shape as two-way speaker balls packaged as part of the $1,300 SoundSpot MT 1 System 5.1-speaker system. Cabasse, also known for its spherical point-source speakers, is bringing point-source design to more traditional floorstanding tower speakers in its Altura MC series, which for now consists of the $3,450-each Iroise 3 and $3,050-each Egea 3. Two more towers will be added to the line in the future.

France-based Cabasse is marketed in the United States by StJohn Group of Bellingham, Wash. Israel-based Morel is marketed in the United States by the ASL Group of Indianapolis.

Morel’s SoundSpot Music Theatre 1 system consists of five steel-encased 4.3-inch-diameter speaker spheres and one PSW8 8-inch 100-watt powered subwoofer. The 60-watt two-way spheres feature a 3.5-inch woofer mounted concentrically with a 0.5-inch soft-dome tweeter with liquid-cooled voice coil. Each speaker, which weighs 2.3 pounds, can be mounted on the ceiling, wall or shelf.

For its balls, Morel used advanced metal-processing techniques to encase each sphere in a steel casement that’s only 1mm thick to preserve as much internal volume as possible, the company said. The package’s subwoofer features a rounded footprint.

A step-up Morel package, the SoundSpot MT 2 5.1 system, is due in the third quarter at $1,900. It comes with five satellite speakers whose woofers are 4-inch models. An 8-inch powered subwoofer is included. The satellites and sub can also be purchased separately.

Morel’s systems are available in black, white and metallic-champagne piano finishes.

Cabasse’s two new towers feature a concentrically mounted tweeter and midrange mounted above dual woofers in a floorstanding cabinet, which was designed with non-parallel sides to remove standing waves. The cabinet panels feature variable thickness to improve rigidity and sonic neutrality, the company added. Grilles are magnet-mounted. A bass-reflex port at the bottom fires vertically to reduce standing waves and provide efficient and linear low-frequency extension because of a 360-degree radiation pattern near the floor, the company said.

The $3,450-each Iroise 3 and $3,050-each Egea 3 weigh in at 77 pounds and 66 pounds each, respectively. They’re in Golden Cherry wood finish, Santos wood finish and gloss black.