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TWICE’s Continuing CEDIA Coverage

NuVo Focuses On Multiroom Affordability
Denver – Driving down the cost of multiroom audio systems, NuVo unveiled a six-zone, six-source multiroom audio system with six touchpanel-like in-wall controllers at $3,500 and a matching $2,199 160GB HDD music server that gets its music content from a PC.

Lifeware Expands Options, Partners With HP
CEDIA News Denver – Exceptional Innovation expanded the capabilities of its Lifeware home-control and media-distribution software for Windows XP PCs with a multi-product launch here at the CEDIA Expo.

Niveus Media Debuts Servers Which Support HD DVD Format

Denver – Niveus Media is introducing a series of media servers during CEDIA Expo, here, at booth 710 which supports the HD DVD format.

Stewart Debuts High End Projection Video Screens

CEDIA News Denver – Stewart Filmscreen, the projection screen maker for home theater and commercial markets, made several introductions at CEDIA Expo on Wednesday and announced a deal with Sony.

Panasonic Adds New LCD Front Projectors

Denver – In addition to showing its previously announced big-screen plasma TV displays, Panasonic will debut at CEDIA a pair of LCD-based home theater projectors, including the company’s first 1080p-capable unit.

HK Offers First Music Server, Audio-Ripping DVD Player

Denver – Harman Kardon’s first HDD music server is a 720p-upscaling DVD-Audio/Video player that rips CDs, transfers the content to an internal HDD, and transfers the files to USB drives and memory cards for playback in portable devices.

Sonos Moves Music Server Onto Internet

Denver – Sonos is moving music servers out of the home network and onto the Internet to eliminate the need by time-starved consumers to rip CD libraries or download songs to a PC.

New Devices Let Installers Go Wireless

Denver – Anyone who says installers will always pull wire might be pulling your chain.

Optoma Unveils Sub $1K HD DLP

Denver, Colo. Video display manufacturer Optoma will announce at CEDIA what it is calling the world’s first high-definition DLP front projector positioned to sell for under $1,000.