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TWICE/CEA To Present Ultra HD Forum Nov. 12th

NEW YORK — Will Ultra HD TV be the next evolution or revolution in the advancement of home television entertainment?

That’s the multi-million-dollar question that consumer electronics manufacturers, content producers, programming distributors and retailers hope to answer at the Ultra HD Conference at CES Unveiled NEW YORK, taking place from 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., November 12 at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W. 18th St, in New York City.

The half-day session, coordinated by the editors of TWICE and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), will set the stage for CEA’s annual CES Unveiled program later that afternoon, and will bring together key stakeholders in the Ultra HD (UHD) ecosystem.

Three panel discussions will be offered covering the hardware development, content production and retailing of Ultra HDTV, and will strive to answer questions like: How much better are Ultra HD displays when compared to 1080p displays today? When will native UHD content be broadly available? Why will UHD succeed where 3D TV struggled? What are consumers really saying on retail selling floors?

Major keynoters will also reveal the steps they are taking to transition the system from the early-adopter stage to the mass market.

Activities will feature presentations by leading movers and shakers making the investments to bring native Ultra HD television images to homes in the highest clarity yet realized.

 The program is open to members of the working press and other interested parties looking to form and join partnerships to advance and promote the UHD ecosystem.

 Admission is $249 with a $195 early-bird special ending October 4. Credentialed working press members will be admitted at no charge. CES Unveiled NEW YORK exhibitors and CEA members are eligible for a registration discount after early-bird registration closes. Click here to register.