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TWICE Retail Excellence Awards Nominations

Send Us Your Nominations …

… for this year’s TWICE Retail Excellence Award winners.

TWICE is looking for a few good dealers to honor in our annual Retail Excellence Awards program this fall. And who better to nominate them than you, the CE and major appliance professionals who work — or — compete with them?

The rules are simple: Please nominate one retailer in each of the five categories below by Aug. 31. The top five nominees from each category will then be posted here on Sept. 1, and readers will be invited to vote for the finalists. Winners will be announced in the Oct. 10 issue of TWICE. (Retailers, please refrain from nominating your own companies.)

CRITERIA: Nominations should be based on retailers’ performance during the 12 months, ending August 2005, and should reflect the following qualities:

* Merchandising excellence
* Store design
* Customer service
* Market share within their trading area
* Contributions to the industry
* Retail innovations

(enter one name for each, and please refrain from voting for your own company)

Best National Retailer (has store locations across the country):

Best Regional Retailer (has store locations within multiple markets):

Best Independent Retailer (has one or more store locations within a single market):

Best Consumer Direct Retailer
(revenue is derived principally through e-commerce, catalogs, phone sales or TV broadcasts):

Retailer of the Year (best overall dealer):

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