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TWICE To Report Industry News Before It Happens

In our quest to provide up-to-the-minute coverage of industry events, TWICE will begin delivering the news before it actually happens.

Using a proprietary algorithm developed by Google Labs and The National Enquirer, TWICE will project about-to-transpire developments based on current industry trends.

For example, by leveraging our database of Chinese conglomerates, and U.S. and Japanese vendors in want of a good home, we will announce the next major acquisition before the idea occurs to the principals.

Similarly, using a virtual “Wheel of Misfortune” game-board spinner ringed with big-box chains, we will cover the next retail mega-merger before the FTC can file suit.

According to TWICE editor in chief John Laposky, the program exceeded expectations in test trials. “We even reported this story before we reported it,” he said.

See: TWICE To Report Industry News Before It Happens

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