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TWICE Picks Award Winner: Ozobot Evo

Ozobot builds smart, small and social robots. By coloring on a piece of paper, users can bring the Ozobot to life through a patented language of color commands. These commands make the Ozobot spin, dance, moonwalk, zig zag and more. Portable and affordable, the Ozobot Evo measures at just 1.25 cubic inches and costs $99. From coding with color to reading block-based programs, it’s designed to entertain 8-year-olds and PhDs alike. With the Ozobot Evo app, users can direct the Evo with the app’s remote control and interact with friends by sending Ozojis. When a user sends an Ozoji, the friend’s Ozobot Evo will act out the received expression. Ozobot Evo also comes with interchangeable skins.