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Tweeter Re-Enters E-Commerce

Canton, Mass. – is back in business.

Having been sidelined since its online services provider,, was acquired by Fry’s late last year, Tweeter Home Entertainment Group’s Web site is once again selling CE over the Internet.

As announced last spring, the new site is powered by GSI Commerce (formerly Global Sports), which is responsible for site technology, customer service, order processing and fulfillment. Tweeter, which had maintained an information-only site during the interim, is handling merchandising, branding and site design.

“We are very proud to make our re-entry into e-commerce with the new,” said Noah Herschman, VP/video merchandising. “The new site is designed with the same look and feel as our stores.”

Departments include a shopping guide section called “Know How,” a custom install area dubbed “Whole Home Systems,” and the actual product array, grouped by category and brand, under the heading “Browse Products.”

Other functions include customer service, order tracking, wish lists, and a store locator, which will appear next to products that are only available in Tweeter and HiFi Buys stores. “We expect that more and more manufacturers will make their products available for sale on as they become more comfortable with the site,” Herschman said.

The current selection includes big screen TVs, DVD players, PVRs, digital camcorders and surround sound systems. Car stereo is expected to be added in early 2003, the company said.