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Tweeter Opens 2nd Concept Store

Tweeter Home Entertainment Group has opened its second concept store, 13 months after launching the first prototype in Las Vegas.

The new store is located in this Chicago suburb and, like its predecessor, is designed to offer customers a “new, unique and easy way to buy home and mobile entertainment,” the company said, while continuing to develop Tweeter’s new custom install-focused retailing strategy.

“We saw our strategy take shape with the opening of our Las Vegas prototype store in January 2005,” said president/CEO Joe McGuire. “Now we’re continuing to refine our strategy in a Tweeter market where we have a deep and loyal customer base. We’re excited to bring Tweeter’s latest innovation in store design to a community that appreciates the latest in entertainment technology.”

Tweeter said the Oakbrook store builds off of the Las Vegas concept by featuring a fully integrated living room, kitchen, bedroom, sports bar and outdoor setting that are controlled by one master remote. The home-like setting offers customers a way to conceptualize and experience how home audio and video solutions can be integrated throughout multiple rooms, the chain said.

The store also provides a large, interactive design center that gives customers a comfortable place to sit, design and experiment with various pre-packaged systems that fit their needs. Additionally, the Oakbrook store will offer six “experience pods” where customers will be able to try handheld devices, Sirius and XM satellite radios and navigation systems with a variety of accessories.

Also in the Oakbrook store is a custom mobile installation bay where a team is available to install the latest car audio and video in virtually any vehicle.

Other key elements of the store include a concierge service desk, and “The Big Screen Adventure,” a home theater experience featuring D-Box Quest motion simulator seating and a Sony projector with a 120-inch Stewart screen. For the month of March, the store will also display Samsung’s 80W-inch plasma TV, which is projected to retail this fall for $75,000.