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Tweeter To Demonstrate Sonos Live

Canton, Mass. — Tweeter Home Entertainment Group is partnering with Sonos, maker of the wireless multi-room music system, to bring live demonstrations and in-store point-of-sale displays to more than 150 of its specialty consumer electronics stores.

The Sonos system, launched in September, gives users direct access via the Internet to the Rhapsody Online Music Service and the ability to listen to that music in every room of their home. The Tweeter in-store point-of-sale display will include Sonos ZonePlayers, the Sonos controller and speakers.

Tweeter said this deal is part of the evolution of its service and installation-based business model. “This revolutionary integration allows our stores to demonstrate to our customers how the Sonos system has unlimited access to millions of songs right ‘out of the box’ when they take it home and connect it up to their home network. No longer do they need to worry about ripping CDs to their hard-drive or downloading music through their computer. Its wireless, it’s easy, and most of all, we love showing our customers how it works.”

Thomas Cullen, co-founder and sales and marketing VP for Sonos added “As recently as a year ago, sophisticated network systems and demonstrations like this were only available at small custom shops. We are proud to work with Tweeter as the first national retailer to demonstrate the power of Sonos in the digital home – right on the retail floor.”