Tweeter Brands For Sale


Atlanta - Nearly one year after Tweeter shut its doors, the brand, and the trademarks of all 12 chains it had acquired, are on the auction block.

According to Christopher Re, business development VP at asset recovery firm Apto Solutions, here, Tweeter's secured lenders analyzed the intellectual property over the past year and determined that the Tweeter name holds value as "a strong brand with a legacy of customer service."

Re said the lenders - comprised of Schultze Asset Management, the chain's final owner, and Well Fargo bank - were encouraged by the $14 million that Systemax paid for Circuit City's intellectual property, and are pleased with the interest being shown in Tweeter.

Bids are being accepted through Nov. 30, and Apto, which also conducted Tweeter's final liquidation sale to the trade, will hold a private auction in mid-December. Brands for sale include Tweeter, Sound Advice, HiFi Buys, Showcase Entertainment, Dow Stereo, United Audio, Douglas TV, Audio Video Systems, Now Audio Video, Big Screen City, Bryn Mawr, Home Entertainment and Hillcrest Audio Video. The properties can be acquired as a group or individually.

Interested bidders can contact Re at


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