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TVGuardian Unveils Cable App

Las Vegas — TVGuardian, the developer of a foul-language-blocking filter technology used in a set-top box and electronics components, revealed at the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) show here that it has developed a version of its user-activated language filter for cable TV systems.

TVGuardian is a software solution that can be built into existing cable boxes, the company said. When enabled, viewers may choose how much foul language to filter, with strict, moderate or tolerant settings.

The system is able to block out 98 percent of offensive language in broadcasts on the fly, the company said.

Federal Communications Commissioner Deborah Tate recently noted TVGuardian in the FCC “Report on Violent Programming and Its Impact on Children,” stated Britt Bennett, TVGuardian president. “Wrote the Commissioner: TVGuardian technology actually detects and filters profanity and other offensive phrases chosen by the parent — including ‘hate words’ and racial slurs — while you watch movies or television shows.”

The system automatically mutes offensive words selected by parents and a replacement sentence is displayed in closed-captioning.

“Current parental controls merely lock or block programs with offensive content,” said Bennett. “With TVG, viewers are given an expanded range of viewing options. Not many shows actually have nudity or excessive violence, but offensive language is in practically everything. Why block the entire show just because there’s an ‘L’ in the rating?”

“Our mission remains the same as it has since the invention of this technology,” stated Bennett. “Americans should be allowed to control the language entering their homes through the television they watch.”