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TV Sales Have Doubled This Holiday Season

Consumers are buying nearly twice as many TVs this holiday season as last year, a new survey suggests.

According to a Christmas shopping forecast by America’s Research Group (ARG), 14.4 percent of shoppers have purchased a new TV, compared to 7.5 percent who did so during Holiday 2014.

Of those buying a TV since Cyber Monday, most (43.8 percent) did so at Walmart, followed by Target (12.5 percent) and Best Buy (4.2 percent).
• the most popular tech purchase: mobile phones (36 percent of total), followed by laptops (14 percent) and tablets (13 percent), with wearables and more specifically smart watches trailing at 4 percent and 0.4 percent, respectively;
• 62 percent of online research is done before a purchase and 38 percent occurs afterwards; and
• purchases spike on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and dip on weekends.