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TV Manufacturers Cutting Back On Advertising, Gap Study Shows

SAN DIEGO – The pace of retail print advertising got off to a slow start in 2014 with nearly 200 fewer TV ads placed in the first quarter than the same period the previous year. This represents a 12 percent decrease in retail circular advertisements, according to research by Gap Intelligence.

Very few brands increased their advertising count in Q1, although those that did often increased by a wide amount. Vizio posted the largest advertising increase, with 68 percent more ads placed than Q1 2013, followed by TCL with 55 percent and Sony with 49 percent.

Although the increases look large, Vizio managed to capture only 4 percent of all ads in Q1. TCL had less than 3 percent, and Sony only had 5 percent. Industry ads leader Samsung increased its ad count by 10 percent, for an overall ad share of 38 percent.

One notable decrease include LG, whose print ads fell by 51 percent and overall ad share dropped from 20 percent a year ago to 11 percent in 2014.