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Tux ‘Shuttles’ Onto Cellphone Case Stage

Bytech NY is launching a second-generation cellphone case called the Tux Shuttle.

Using a redesigned look of its original Shuttle case, the company said it is incorporating all the original concepts and bringing these to a new level. It is using the same stretch elastic bands with the same metal swivel clip, and is introducing two-tone contrast. The new look stems from the black leather trimming surrounding a black rubberized fabric and white-colored stitching, which creates the “look” of a tuxedo.

The black on black combination of two types of materials in the Tux “soothes” down the appearance of the Shuttle, making it possible to conveniently wear the cellphone at a dinner party or wedding, said Bytech. The new look translates as “clean, sharp and sexy,” according to the company.

The case allows users to safely store, then quickly access their cellphones, through the release of a button on their belts. The phone does not have to be taken out of the case in order to talk.

The Tux is designed for all current cellphone models and has a suggested $24.99 retail. Availability is this spring.