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TruConnect Expands Walmart-Exclusive Prepaid Data Options

Los Angeles – MVNO TruConnect Mobile is broadening the targeted customer base of its Walmart-exclusive Internet On The Go prepaid wireless-data service with an expanded selection of rate-plan options.

The original pay-as-you-go plans targeted only casual users, but the new pay-as-you-go plans add options that target heavier users with low-cost plans that “cater to their exact needs,” TruConnect said. All of the pay-as-you-go plans are designed for use with the Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot, whose price has been reduced to $79.88.

The original plans for casual users were priced in increments of $10 for 100MB, $25 for 500MB or $45 for 1GB. Online automatic refills were also available for $20 for 450MB. All of the plans let users roll over unused data from month to month with no expiration date if the device is used at least once a year.

The new Go Big and Go Bigger plans offer up to 8GB of data. The Go Big plan provides up to 4GB of data in increments of $10 for 500MB of data, $25 for 1.5GB and $45 for 4GB, with unused rolling over from month to month with no expiration date if the device is used at least once a year.

For heavier data users, the Go Bigger plan offers up to 8GB of data but with a 30-day expiration date from date of redemption. The service is targeted to a growing segment of users who want a single prepaid service for use on the road as well as a home’s primary Internet access, the company said.

The Go Bigger plan is said to be less expensive than comparable services from major phone carriers but without a long-term contract. Go Bigger plans range in cost from $10 for 1GB, $25 for 3GB and $45 for 8 GB.

New users of both of the plans get a bonus 3GB of data, worth up to $25, added to the user’s account with the first refill after the purchase of the MiFi.

Consumers buy service with credit and debit cards or refill cards, which are available exclusively at Walmart stores and Customers who refill via credit or debit card can refill online at

TruConnect resells Sprint service.