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Tributaries Refreshes HDMI Cables

Orlando, Fla. — Tributaries updated its HEC line of HDMI cables with a new model meant for long-distance runs.

New features for the cables include updated conductors, connector shielding, stronger connectors and thicker gold plating on the contacts. The IHEC cables, which are designed for long distances, also feature the company’s Full Body Armor protective covering.

The IHEC cables range from $400 to $1,250 suggested retail. They support Ethernet, 3D, 4K (24Hz)  and ARC.

The company also launched the IHEC-X kit, which ranges from $735 to $1,385 and comes with long-length IHEC and HX102 cable extender. It can extend 12-bit/color 1080p up to 98 feet using 24AWG HDMI cable, and 8-bit/color 1080i up to 130 feet using 24AWG HDMI cable. A 5-volt DC/1A USB power supply with USB/AC power cable is included.