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Tributaries Introduces AC Power Strip

Orlando, Fla. — Tributaries is offering a new AC power strip, the PWRS-T10.

The unit is said to offer effective surge suppression and noise filtering for AC power, and signal-line protection for telecomm (RJ-11) and network (RJ-45) signals, as well as cable, antenna and satellite (F-connector) signals.

It offers 10 outlets, five of which can be rotated up to 90 degrees to accommodate bulkier AC plugs. It also comes equipped with a pair of blue LED indicator lights.

According to a release, surge protection is employed across all three legs of the AC circuit, and the unit offers voltage-spike protection to 6 kilovolts and peak current-spike handling up to 192 kiloamps. The product’s EMI noise filtering extends up to 58dB of power-cleaning suppression over a range of 150kHz to 100MHz.

Also, the PWRS-T10’s single-line telecomm, network and coax protections each accept one-in/one-out connections, and incorporate well-engineered, high-performance, low-loss protection.

The company is positioning the unit as being capable to accommodate a high-performance home theater system because it said it’s “rated for heavy duty at 15 amps for up to 1875 watts of load.”

The power-strip is equipped with a three-prong IEC power cord and comes with a telephone cable, network cable and coaxial cable. It is protected by a $25,000 warranty on connected equipment and a three-year warranty on parts and labor.

The PWRS-T10 is available now for a suggested $80.