Triad Speakers Shifting Executive Responsibilities

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Portland, Ore. - Triad Speakers will shift management responsibilities within the company after the February 2011 retirement of sales and marketing director Paul Scarpelli, who has been with the company since 1996.

National sales manager Bruce Franklin will become director of North American sales, and marketing manager Paul Teixeira will become marketing director. Mike Budd, director of international sales and business development, will remain in that position. All will report to president and founder Larry Pexton.

After his retirement, Scarpelli will consult for Triad and "continue as the face of Triad on the Internet, with contributions to AVS Forum and other A/V sites," said Pexton, who credited Scarpelli "as being a driving force behind the brand's growth to a leading architectural brand in the custom channel."

 "Paul simplified Triad's core message to succinctly convey our unique strengths: build-to-order in America; consistent performance from premium components; custom colors/sizes and great customer service," Pexton said.

When Scarpelli started with the company, Pexton continued, "most dealers where cherry-picking; we weren't selling many systems. Early on he pushed for changes so that our product line would be intuitive; he took the company in the direction of offering complete systems and influenced dealers to purchase them."

Said Scarpelli, "I look forward to stepping back a bit and enjoying life."


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