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Trend Micro Updates Web Security Offerings

Cupertino, Calif. – Trend Micro will make a dramatic shift in how
it protects consumer PCs with the release of its latest product today, dubbed

This will be done via three new SKUs being released today under
the name Titanium. The will cost $39, $59 and $69 and will replace all of Trend
Micro’s current retail products. Those holding current valid licenses to older
Trend Micro software can replace those older titles with a free upgrade to the
new system, said David Perry, Trend Micro’s global director of education.

Trend Micro’s new direction with Titanium includes taking the
nuts and bolts of the software off the host PC and into the Internet cloud, and
the software will now attempt to block malware from where it originates instead
of on the owner’s computer.

Placing the software in the cloud will help alleviate the amount
of processing power needed to run the application, Perry said, which is always
a major source of contention with users.

Discovering the malware’s source IP address makes it simpler to
protect a computer because it eliminates the need for constant threat updates
to be downloaded onto a PC, Perry said.

The three SKUs, priced at $39, $59 and $69, are labeled Titanium
Antivirus +, Internet Security and Maximum Security. All are available
immediately online and from retailers.

The new products replace all of Trend Micro’s other consumer
security products and customers who own licenses to older varieties can upgrade
to the new software for free, Perry said.