Transplant Bows GPS With Fuel Calculator

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Rochester, Minn. — Transplant GPS is introducing one of the first

The RightWay RW400GPS from Transplant GPS has a gas calculator.

portable GPS devices to offer a “gas counter” that can calculate a best route based on the most efficient gas route.

The RightWay RW400GPS can also calculate the cost of a trip’s fuel.

The unit will sell at a suggested retail of $199, and at a street price roughly half the everyday price of comparable Garmin or TomTom models, with full dealer margins, said the company.

The RW400 provides text-to-speech pronunciation of street names and allows for a route with multiple destinations. It has preloaded maps of the full U.S. and major highways in Canada. It includes 2 million points of interest and includes an MP3 player and MPEG-4 video player. 

Steve Emery, president of Transplant GPS, which began selling personal navigation devices through stores such as Staples earlier this year, said the new RW400 “has all of the features of a high-priced navigation system except the high price.”

The RW400 is based on a Centrality Atlas III processor and comes with a car mounting bracket, and 12-volt charger. It is currently shipping.

Transplant has supplied GPS products on an OEM basis since 20


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