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TransFlash Becomes microSD

San Ramon, Calif. — The TransFlash memory card, developed by SanDisk for use in mobile phones and other diminutive electronics, has been adopted by the SD Card Association as another iteration of the Secure Digital card.

Henceforth, TransFlash will be renamed microSD. The acceptance of TransFlash by the SD Card Association opens up the format for other manufacturers to produce the tiny memory cards. SanDisk, which is currently shipping TransFlash, will change the name to microSD and offer a new 512MB microSD card in August for a suggested retail price of $69.99.

According to SanDisk, a 1GB microSD card could be on the market by year’s end, and a 2GB card will be available in 2006.

The company claims that 10 handset makers are using the format in a total of 40 mobile phones worldwide with retail availability in more than 60,000 storefronts.

TransFlash/microSD cards are compatible with SD card devices through an adapter.