Toys ‘R' Us Accepting Used Video Games

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Wayne, N.J. - Toys "R" Us has launched a video game trade-in program through its stores nationwide.

The program takes a page from GameStop's popular used-game model, which has also been emulated by Best Buy and RadioShack. The former is testing trade-ins via vending machines, while the latter also accepts gaming hardware and other CE devices at all its stores..

Like those chains, Toys "R" Us offers gift cards in exchange for the used games, which can be immediately redeemed in stores or online. The No. 1 toy specialty retailer also accepts titles from all legacy systems, including Atari 2600, PlayStation, PlayStation2, Xbox, Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo 64, Nintendo NES, Intellivision and Sega Genesis.

"The video game trade-in program is another way we're providing customers with additional value when they visit our stores," said Bill Lee, the company's VP and divisional merchandise manager. "This program is designed to make the exchange process completely hassle-free for customers by accepting games from even the oldest systems."

The trade-in program builds on the company's sizeable gaming offering, which is merchandised within self-contained departments, as well as an expanding assortment of juvenile electronics, which includes netbooks, Apple iPods, digital cameras, accessories, and licensed TVs, radios and karaoke machines.

Toys "R "Us will support the video game trade-in program through advertisements in newspaper circulars nationwide beginning Sept. 13.


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