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Toshiba Will Ship New TV Line In March


Toshiba’s 2011 TVs slated for deliveries
by the end of March include the following
(pricing will be announced later):

Three LCD TV series with CCFL backlighting
include: the C110 (720p) in 32 inches, the E210
(1080p) in 40 inches, and G310 (1080p/120Hz)
in 46 and 55 inches.

Edge-lit LED LCD sets begin with the SL410
series, with ultra-slim cabinets in the 19- (720p),
24- (1080p) and 32-inch (720p) screen sizes.
The 24-inch model replaces the 22-inch screen
size from a year ago, but it keeps the same height
for kitchen counter placement.

The SLV411 series offers LED/DVD combo
units in the 19-, 24- and 32-inch screen sizes,
each with a side slot-loading DVD player.

The SL415 series introduces small-screen TVs
in the 24- (1080p) and 32-inch (720p) screen
sizes and adds NetTV/Yahoo! Widgets with builtin
Wi-Fi streaming Internet capability.

The SL412 series offers
high-value big-screen LED sets
in the 40- (1080/60Hz), 46-
(1080p/120Hz) and 55-inch
(1080p/120Hz) screen sizes,
all with thin-depth CineSpeed

The SL417 series offers 42-,
46- and 55-inch screen sizes.
All are 1080p/120Hz full-featured
connected LED models
introducing the first of the Blade
designs with chrome trim. Features
include NetTV with Wi-Fi,
Skype, gaming pack, voice control,
the Horizon graphical user
interface and new remote.

The TL515 series includes
the 32-, 42-, 47- and 55-inch
screens. The series introduces
Natural 3D (two pairs of passive
3D glasses included) capability,
1080p/240Hz resolution,
and CineSpeed-Plus with local dimming panels,
in addition to the features of the SL417.

The UL610 series is the 2011 high-end Cinema
series with 46-, 55- and 65-inch screen
sizes. All include a metal Blade design with illusion
stand, Dynamic 3D (shipping with two pair
of active-shutter glasses), Quantum Black panel
with fine local dimming, 1080p/480Hz resolution,
and advanced sound package with a builtin