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Toshiba Unveils Nine DVD Decks, MP3 Music Unit

MARINA DEL REY, CALIF. In other product announcements, Toshiba announced a total of nine DVD player models, including three DVD-Audio/Video models (suggested retail prices of $299, $399 and $1,499) that offer progressive scan output, and two of which have 3:2 pull-down “Cinema Mode.”

New units include a single-tray progressive scan model due in September at $249.99 and a 5-disc changer due in September at $399.99.

Craig Eggers, Toshiba product management director, said he expects the number of DVD-Audio software titles to expand to more than 125 by the end of the year, and he expects two additional music labels to announce support for the format.

The company will continue to sell its NUON-enhanced DVD player but has lowered the price from $299 to a $249 estimated selling price.

The company now sells two TV/DVD combo units in the 9-inch ($479.99) and 20-inch ($599.99) sizes.

In portable audio, Toshiba is currently selling a new lower-priced portable MP3 music player (MEA210, $249.99), with 32MB of memory capacity and an SD memory slot that will accommodate larger 64MB SD cards. The previously announced player was introduced at $499 with 64MB of memory.

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