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Toshiba Unveils AT200 Tablet AT IFA

Berlin – Toshiba Europe
showcased its AT200 tablet PC at IFA this week.

The company said the
AT200 is on its U.S. product roadmap, but would not give out any information on
potential pricing or availability. Pricing also was not available for the
European version.

The AT200 is thinner and
lighter than Toshiba’s Thrive tablet, 7.7mm thick and weighing 19.6 ounces.

AT200 replaced the Nvidia
processor used in the Thrive with a Texas Instruments OMAP 1.2GHZ processor. It
has 1GB of DDR2memory and up to 64GB of internal storage.

It has a 10.1-inch screen
and will use the Android 3.2 operating system. Like the Thrive it is equipped
with several ports, micro-USB, micro-SD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and micro-HDMI. There
are front and rear facing cameras.