Toshiba Unveils 19" Stainless-Steel DVD/LCD TV Combo Set


New York - Toshiba unveiled Thursday the latest addition to its family of LCD TV/DVD combo products â€” a 19-inch HD model with a stainless-steel-look cabinet designed for kitchen applications.

Model 19LV612U will ship in September $350 suggested retail.

Meanwhile, the company also used the occasion to officially address unattributed reports out of Japan that the company was preparing to market Blu-ray Disc players and/or recorders for various international markets beginning in 2010.

The company said: "It is true that we are discussing this [Blu-ray entry] issue and will deal with it with flexibility, but we have not made any decision at this moment."

The company said that due to economic conditions, its XDE up-converting DVD players continue to sell well as step-up alternatives to entry up-converting DVD models, and are more affordable options to the purchase of most Blu-ray players.

As for the new combo unit, Toshiba said the stainless-steel-look set offers an all-in-one entertainment ensemble that combines style and picture excellence, with the look of stainless steel for today's kitchen designs.

Toshiba used a House Beautiful Magazine showcase in Rockefeller Center to unveil the new product. A major sponsor to the lifestyle publication, Toshiba had used the showcase earlier in the week to launch its entry into the digital media frame category with two 8-inch and one 10-inch frames designed for digital photos and various other media applications delivered via a built-in Wi-Fi receiver.

"Toshiba is truly a powerhouse and market leader in the LCD TV/DVD combination category. Our proven success is driven by our passion to create quality, high-definition TVs for every room of the home," stated Jodi Sally, Toshiba Digital A/V Group marketing VP. "We wanted to provide consumers with a TV that could coordinate perfectly with a kitchen's decor. Design innovation is an integral part of Toshiba's history and our new Stainless Style TV is the latest example of our leadership in this area."

The stainless style LCD TV combination complements stainless-steel kitchen appliances including the Viking stainless-steel appliances in the House Beautiful showcase.

The combo set features a built-in DVD player, useful for playing cooking shows recorded to DVD discs. By building the player into the set, homeowners reduce clutter from their counter tops without removing a valuable A/V component source.

The screen is configured to a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio and connectivity includes HDMI and PC inputs, allowing the TVs to be used in conjunction with a computer.

All Toshiba LCD TV combination models are Energy Star compliant.

For distribution, Sally said Toshiba will be targeting CE dealers with both TV and major appliances departments, and plans to co-merchandise the unit with stainless-steel appliances in stores.


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