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Toshiba Special Edition Notebook Unveiled

Toshiba added a new Satellite M35-S456 Special Edition notebook to the company’s just-introduced back-to-school product lineup.

The M35-S456 joins the Satellite A75-S276, A75-S226 and A75-S206, which were rolled out last week.

The newest model is being targeted at a wide spectrum of potential customers, including students and gamers. Basic features include an Intel Pentium M 735 processor, with 802.11g/b networking, 80GB hard drive, 15.4-inch LCD, 512MB of DDR SDRAM and DVD Super Multi-Drive. It weighs in at 6.2 pounds.

The computer also includes a composite video-in port, allowing users to hook up a gaming console or camcorder.

Here are the feature sets on the Toshiba models:

The Satellite A75-S276, $1,749 suggested retail price, uses a mobile Pentium 4 538 processor with Hyper-Threading technology, which incorporates a 3.06GHz, 1MB L2 cache and a 533MHz front-side serial bus (FSB). In addition, it has 512MB of DDR SDRAM, 15.4-inch display, 80GB hard drive, 802.11g/b networking, DVD Super Multi Drive and a 5-1 flash card reader.

The Satellite A75-S226, $1,599, has a slightly more powerful mobile Pentium 4 532 processor and a 60GB hard drive, but is otherwise the same as the previous model.

Satellite A75-S206 differs only in that it has a Pentium 4 518, incorporating a 2.8GHz processor 1B L2 cache and a 533MHz FSB. Its suggested retail price is $1,399.